1) Automatic Trading Strategy:
A) Over Bought = Sell "Short"
B) Over Sold = Buy "Long"
The software program will automatically decide for you if a market is either:
A) Over Bought, or
B) Over Sold, and
Automatically display the Trading Strategy whenever the Daily Price-Action enters into either of these two "Areas."
There are two ways to make "profits" trading any market:
A) Buying "Long" (expecting a market to move higher short-term),
B) Selling "Short" (expecting a market to fall steeply short-term).

The software will assess 100 stocks in 30 seconds and set up their Trading Frame with only one "click" of the mouse
(on the directory's name).

Every "Trader" has been taught to "Buy Low" and to "Sell High" but they were never told where either end was (or is) !

Our software does all the "mental thinking" for you !

Chart: Orange Juice: Futures:

Example Chart

2) 5 Circles of Conflict:
re constructed "Automatically" inside the "pre-set" Trading Frame.

The Daily Trading Price Action of any market will want to "avoid" these 5 Circles of Conflict 68.% of the Time.

These 5 Circles of Conflict will help "predict" Elliott Wave reversals long before any market's Daily Trading Price Action moves into its Trading Frame.

"New" students will learn to "see" market trading action trying to avoid these "center" circles as it trades through (left to right) its current Trading Frame.

2) Orange Juice Futures: chart: (with 5 Circles of Conflict)

Example Chart 2

We shall be happy to help "new" students learn to "see" how these 5 Circles of Conflict affect any market's Daily Price Action Movement.*

3) Murrey Math Internal Trading Lines (horizontal)
(the MMT Frame Software sets all horizontal lines automatically for you)

Chart: MRBAA: Boeing Aircraft:

Please look at the chart below of Boeing Aircraft.

The Dow 30 Stocks are up on an all-time high and this stock is trading - 33.% lower.

Why? The Asians did not take delivery or pay for work to begin on billions of dollars of commercial airlines from Boeing Aircraft.

The result: 28,120 Seattle, WA. citizens are planned to be phased out the next 12 months.

This stock fell from a recent high of 50. back down into its current trading high / low.

The Murrey Math Trading Frame Software TM 1999 (Intellectual Rights: preclude anyone from using these lines without written permission as set inside our three squares) automatically set the Trading Octave for you.
This Trading Octave differs from any other trading system for our software automatically figures where the software should set the 0/8ths and 8/8ths (set inside one of three squares set of base ten) which is really moving inside a cube: you will "see" it soon.
This kind of octave is referred to in the future as the Murrey Math Harmonic Octave.

Please notice how many times the daily trading action of this stock "Knew" where our pre-set Murrey Math Trading Lines were (and reacted by reversing off them) ? !

There are (18) reverses off our Internal Harmonic Octave 1/8ths set to Music !

As you grow in your knowledge of Murrey Math, you will amaze yourself that you shall be able to "memorize" all (49) of the internal, internal octaves inside the 1st Trading Square.

Please try and figure them out for yourself (if you fail) please E Mail me and I shall help you learn how to think (in 8th grade math).

Please notice that each daily trading range is pictured in Japanese Candlesticks.

Please learn to read them and know the basic (64): many books available.

4) These horizontal lines are called Murrey Math Trading Lines (MMTL) TM 1993.

All "serious traders" shall "memorize" them all: (if their computer goes down, they will not need it to know where their market will reverse).

Every fall (right on the 1st frost) our software resets our Trading Frame.

Now, as any market runs into its Trading Frame:
1) 4 Day,
2) 8 Day,
3) 16 Day, (normal trading frame)
4) 32 Day,
5) 64 Day Time Frame, we may expect the greatest reverses to occur on:
0/8ths, 2/8ths, 4/8ths, 6/8ths, and finally starting over on 0/8ths.

The most critical reversal day is 6/8ths 
(inside the Trading Frame)

(you might ask which one: then you pick it you6self). 
(16 is normal: for stocks, Bonds, and Indexes, and 32 is more normal for Commodities), but we must switch back and forth between more than one Time Frame to get the closest Trading Frame that gives us the best "feel" for our "projected profits."

Some students say, "well what do we do if it reverse off: 1/8th, 3/8ths, 5/8ths or finally 7/8ths ?"

I would suggest that you reverse positions. (simple enough). 
How 'bout that ?


There are two reasons why markets want to reverse off a multiple of four days:

1) The Earth is set to three days of magnetism and one day of neutrality set off the 1st Frost (each fall): please don't ask me where for I never disclose it !

2) The S.E.C. requires all trading brokerage houses to return monies after three days when a sale (Long or Short) Position is executed, so, we "see" that the S.E.C. is setting its own Harmonic Rhythm inside our Trading Frame, which (at extreme highs or lows) will run out of liquidity for a few days, so we would expect reverses.

Too many other so-called "gurus" will look at our Time Lines and laugh at us for trying to "predict" Time Reversals off setting up only one Starting Point and moving forward to the right 
(until the end of the trading year).

No sane human can expect our software to "predict" Time Reversals before they get there (to any Vertical Time Line), but logic and common sense suggest that time Reversals shall occur inside each Trading Frame off our Even Numbers.

Some "gurus" laugh that my Time Reversal (Vertical) Lines are only 75.% accurate (with a standard error plus or minus of two days) but they fail to know how to put the pieces together for trading through time we set a speed angle (up or down) to "catch" reverses that don't "hit" right on the "exact" Day.

Since Mutual Funds must stay invested 95.% of the time (no matter which way the market is running), reverses are accelerated by

1) selling a portion of their "winners" and
2) selling a larger portion of their largest "losing" positions.

Reversal Days inside Trading Frame: (16) and (32) "predict" stronger "reactions" when a market trades into a certain zone of Time.
Please don't discard all our (9) trading rules and rely too heavily upon Time Reversals as the "Ultimate Predictor."

Time is not as important as you were led to believe.

Price Acceleration (up or down) in the shortest Time Period is the simplest way to make Trader's Profits from Trading.

 Price Change not Time Change is better.

You are told that you should "hold" longer or become a "position" trader who is satisfied to give up "short-term profits" by Hoping and Praying it will always reverse and move more in your direction.

Finally, it is better to know something might happen on any certain day (and it not happen) and to prepare for it, so we must always be thinking Price Change (profits) in the shortest period of Time.

Please start counting from any reversal (low or high) and come forward (to the right) and see if the move to has run in one direction 3/8ths or 5/8ths in Time !?

The maximum price movement (in the shortest period of time) is our goal.
Old Anniversary Dates are significant to our "trading mentality" but price reversals in distance in price are always more profitable than "waiting" six months to have any rule fulfilled (or not).

Most important is the 3/8th / 5/8th "profit" rule.

History always repeats itself but let's trade today and let the "gurus" (who don't trade predict the future).

87.5% of all "students" in any "classroom situation" exspect the "teacher" to be "perfect" in their prognostications, but they will fail to do two things:

1) "respond" and enter a trade, or
2) leave and go to another "guru" who will "promise" something to happen way out in the future.

Never start thinking any farther out (into the future) past (64) Trading Days. (unless you are thinking about "old highs or lows").

Human Nature being what it is, anyone who promises to tell you what will happen out past (64) Trading Days, is a "guru" who can't trade today (because they are always going to tell what wll happen next: week, month, year !

Who cares? If you don't have any money on the line (backing your prediction).

Example: 1929 High the S&P 500 Cash Index (set to the Murrey Math Trading Frame) said this market was Overbought (up on its +1/8ths) price line above its Harmonic Octave but the Time Line reverse happened when it did and not since then has anyone seen a direct correlation between this day and the last reversal this past fall.

After you "cleanse" your mentality of trading off Time and back on amounts of cool cash, you will want to trade more and enjoy it more.

If you want to predict the future (Time Reversals), please get you a card table and go over to the community "fair" and charge $ 1.00 per "prediction" and "see" how long the line runs back behind you.

If you want to attach yourself (solely) to Time Reversal Trading, you shall be part of that group who provides the base of capital for us to trade several times inside the trading, while reversals mostly miss by one day, so most "into the future" Time Signals will never "trigger" an entry point, which will give "out in the future this will happen" an out to not entering a position (presently).

The human psychology of why most students can't pull the "trigger" and enter a trade is that they want to be told that something will happen at a precise time and date and if it doesn't and they put their faith in any "guru" they must make up an exception of the rule or they must keep silent (for a while till we forget).

Finally, please don't spend too much time tring to "predict" or "see" into the future any farther out than any 1st grader can count (64) !

Last July 9th, 1998, I told everyone to close out their "Long Positions" because it was situated in a three-way negative (positive) sell signal:

1) market up + 7/8ths inside its Trading Frame,
2) market moved up too steeply the last 3 months,
3) plus, the old highs were "exactly" (6) months ago.

What did you do ?

Only one-half of one percent of all mutual fund I.R.A. participants ever move any of their funds into a "safer profit-preserving" Money Market Fund, so you might expect most of what I ever say to fall on one ear that is "afraid" and one "deaf" to logic and common sense (that markets don't go straight up).

Your ability to separate yourself from your friends and their "let it take care of itself attitude" and how fast you do it, will be the largest factor that takes you toward the "gratification" that you did not spend time waiting for the future to be the past (so you could look back and say how you would have reacted) and you affect your own futre "predictions" off "present-day" trading.

#5) Reverse Lines: Pivot Reversals: 0/8th, 2/8ths, 4/8th, 6/8th,an/or 8/8ths:

Inside the Murrey Math Harmonic Octave Trading Frame: 0/8ths to 8/8ths (automatically set by software) any market in your directory!

Please look at the attached chart (BA) Boeing Aircraft.

This stock is reversing off its Internal Murrey Math Lines: 0/8ths, 2/8ths, 4/8ths, 6/8ths, and 8/8ths: (as an exponent of the Law of Distribution): inside the Harmonic Rhythm Octave (set to the Base of Ten).

The human body is divided (at conception) by Binary Math: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 cells etc., until you end up (as beautiful or ugly as you perceive yourself).

All markets are set to the same Binary Math: MMT Lines (but our software does it all automatically for you (if you just make one click of the mouse).

Looking at this chart (or any chart) you will "discover" through (sight-recognition) that the odds are "pre-set."


No market wants to move more than (+) or (-) 2/8ths inside its Harmonic Octave 75.% of the time (then it wants to reverse).

And if it moves 3/8ths (up or down) the odds are 93.% that it will reverse (directions) for at least one trading day (even if it reverses and continues its current trend).

Too many "wanna-bee" traders will wait till "confirmation" is confirmed (and it is already up or down (2/8ths) then enter and wonder why they are always missing most of the move or getting "whip-lashed" by having it reverse and come back against you too often.

These lines: (Even) lines "predict" pivot reverses more often than any set of lines: for one simple reason: Fibonacci Ratio.(1.125%).

The more accurate Ratio is the Murrey Math Rate Percent Movement: (set inside our Square). (more about this later).

There are only four squares any market in this world has ever traded inside and they are: 100, 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000.

We don't want to (presently) get into how these percentages (1.125) "predict" expansion and contractions off present levels but they do.

All we want to do is "see" any market move up or down to one of our even lines and close (for the day) right on the line (or within 19 or 39 cents from the line): then get ready for it to reverse the next day. (experienced traders follow another route) (later).

The 0/8th, 4/8th, and 8/8th MMT Lines are harder to penetrate, so we would expect to "see" reverses occur off these lines.

Common sense rules our logic, so, the distance traveled (the longer the better) will also "predict" our best odds for a reversal.

The 0/8th and 8/8th MMT Lines are the top and bottom of the Harmonic Octave, so we would expect these lines to hold (stall or reverse) any market the 1st time it approaches (up or down).

These horizontal MMTLines are always pre-set (by the software) as soon as the high / low daily trading range extremes fall into one of our Harmonic Internal Octaves.

One should strive to learn and memorize these horizontal MMT Lines. Serious traders want everything to be automatic (under pressure). No great quarterback ever stopped the play to look down at the lines on the field.

Please remember these lines as pivot lines that reverse after 2/8ths runs more often than other lines, so we would look for markets that stall out (close) on these lines.

Even the ancient Greeks realized.. some numbers are Special..

The long outside dimension of the Parthenon is set to the ratio of Phi 0.618... The main inside angle dimension of the long inside is set to Pi 3.14...

W.D. Gann set his trading strategy for any markets' reversals most frequently at 0.618 or the reciprocal 0.382 of any high/low price extreme over any given period of time!

The T.H. Murrey ratio (MMRPM Murrey Math Ratio of Price Movement) equals 0.625 (reciprocal 0.375). This is the harmonic sound pitch change of any market set to the base of 10.

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